Why football is Football called ‘Soccer’ in some countries? To find the answer, we have to go back to when football was created on January 26th 1871 in the evening when football rules were being set. It was the birth of football association [FA], but one of participating teams was against one rule. ‘The banning of physical contacts!’

Because of this misunderstanding the federation was separated into two. ‘The Rugby Football Union’ was born. Similar names needed nicknames so, Oxford students created them: Associal of football became ‘Socca’ which became ‘Socker’ and then ‘Soccer’. During the same period Rugby was known as ‘Rugger’. Eventually these sports became ‘Football’ and ‘Rugby’.

But football’s arrival in the United States of America caused a problem!

At the end of 19th century there was already another sport called ‘Football’, a mixture of Rugby and Football as it was known in England.

This sport was very popular in the USA. Players, journalists, and fans changed football to something else. In the USA, English football became soccer. In Europe, US Football became ‘American Football’.

The world ‘Soccer’ nearly spread across the world. Even after the Second World War, it was used a lot. It finally disappeared in Europe in 80s.

Note that, USA is not the only country to use the word ‘Soccer’. Canada, Japan and Australia use the world as well and the Australian team are even nicknamed ‘The Socceroos’