2. Lionel Messi -$5 million

2017 saw Argentina host Lionel Messi’s “wedding of the century”. He tied knots with his Childhood love, Antonella Roccuzzo, in Rosario, Santa Fe, where he grew up and played for his first football club, Newell’s Old Boys.


Messi’s choice of venue caused some surprise locally, as, while the hotel is flashy, it is right next to a tough neighbourhood called Las Flores, in which the “Los Monos” drug gang has a strong presence. But a team of 200 security agents led by a former Argentinian military official, had it in hands.

He had invited all 21 players in the Barca first team, plus some of the national team, and friends. The wedding had to cost a lucrative $5 million.

1. Wayne Rooney & Coleen McLoughlin – $8 million

Footballer Wayne Rooney of the former Manchester United and Coleen McLoughlin made their vows at the Abbey of Cervara near Genoa in Italy in 2008. Serenading the couple and the guests were the Irish boyband, Westlife, which cost $670,000.

Rooney chartered five private jets to fly 64 of their guests to the wedding. While the ceremony was lavish, the couple had little help in paying the bills as a magazine offered $4.2 million for the exclusive rights of the wedding photos.

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