TWITTER has prodded fun at Harry Kane over his recent claiming of Tottenham’s second goal against Stoke, earlier in the weekend. Tottenham striker Kane, who is in a race with Salah for the Golden Boot, has been the subject of some ridicule as Twitter explodes.

The Goals Thief

Tottenham’s winner in their 2-1 victory over Stoke last weekend was initially marked down as a Christian Eriksen goal, despite Kane claiming he’d gotten a touch on his team-mate’s free-kick before it went in.

Jordan Henderson had a laugh at Harry Kane’s expense too, after Liverpool’s 3-0 win on Saturday, joking that Mohamed Salah would be credited with all three goals. “Yeah, he told me he’s going to claim all of them,” Henderson told BT Sport.

On the other side, teammate Dele Alli, says Harry Kane must ignore the detractors after the England striker was the subject of negative headlines this week.

“Harry is an unbelievable striker. To be honest he touched it so it’s his goal and every striker would and should claim it if it is their goal.He has just got to ignore what everyone else is saying, he knows how good he is and I am sure everyone else knows how good he is.”

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