3. Robbie Rogers – United States

In February 2013, the former Leeds United winger Rogers came out as gay.

After briefly retiring at the age of 25 and coming out as gay upon leaving Leeds, Rogers signed with the Los Angeles Galaxy in May 2013, becoming the first openly gay male athlete to join MLS or any of the five major North American sports leagues.

2. Matt Taylor – England

Matt Taylor, who has played for West Ham, Bolton and Portsmouth in the Premier League, is widely rumoured to be a gay but he has never confirmed it but many English newspapers have run stories of him being gay.

1. Jonathan De Falco – Belgium

The Former Belgian footballer Jonathan De Falco quit football in 2011 to become a porn actor in gay porn movies under the stage name Stany Falcone. He stated that he had always found it difficult to hide his sexual orientation as a footballer and that his coming out had been a huge relief for him.

“For several months I have had a boyfriend,” De Falco said.

“Previously I had a girlfriend, but I always felt attracted to men. I never hid. Since I was 20 I have been in gay circles, but when I played soccer, nobody noticed anything. If my orientation would have been known, there would have undoubtedly problems. The soccer world is not ready for openly gay players. There are still too many prejudices and too little tolerance. ”