BOYS ON BIKES: Football and cycling can go hand in hand at times. Traffic in major cities can prove so hazardous for cyclists that some will state that footballers are taking a chance if they decide to cycle around. 

Former Fulham and Arsenal defender Moritz Volz would often cycle to training and even to some games in his fold away bicycle. People would claim “Moritz Volz was another proper weirdo;” he used to cycle to training and occasionally to matches which says it all really. 

But it seems like we have Volz’s sons down here. 

5. Neymar Jr.

Paris Saint-Germain have spent most of their second half of the season games without their injured superstar Neymar, Much like Brazil had to move to the 2014 World Cup semifinals without Neymar. 

The World record signing would often arrive by bike to the team’s training.  

4. Eden Hazard


Back in 2014, Eden Hazard dropped a lead on his cycling following joining the national team’s training on a bike; bringing an air of relaxation in the Belgium camp as they prepared for their first World Cup knockout game in 12 years against the USA. 

3. Cristiano Ronaldo

Few would believe Ronaldo would swap a sports car for two wheels weird bike. But that’s CRISTIANO RONALDO. He can do whatever he wants, and there’s nothing you can say about it. That list includes, apparently, riding a funky bike while wearing a snood with sunglasses. 

2. Lionel Messi

Messi, who is a cycling follower, got his first team-specification bike “Leo 10” in 2015 by Manufacturer Pinarello. His cycling love attracted more manufacturers, including the amazing Croatian Greyp Bikes which presented him a Greyp G12 “power ride” in 2016; a bike he still rides today. 

1. Arjen Robben

As a youngster, Robben was known as the “Boy on the Bike” in his native Holland because of his habit of cycling the 13 kilometres from his home in the village of Bedum to training at FC Groningen. And 1 Champions League, 1 World Cup final, 6 Bundesliga, 2 Premier League, 1 La Liga, and 1 FA Cup later, he still does that sometimes.