Throughout football history music has played a big role, with many different musicians expressing their passion through songs. With the World Cup coming soon, here are some of our favourite tunes to get you in the mood:


7. “La Copa De La Vida” Ricky Martin – 1998

The official song of the 1998 World Cup, Ricky Martin’s “La Copa De La Vida” has been one of the greatest songs that the Puerto Rican singer has ever released. This song pretty much implies that the World Cup is in your control, and it is up to you to win it.

Translated into “The Cup of Life,” this song ended certified platinum in Australia, France, and Sweden.


6. “Anthem” Vangelis – 2002

2002 was a musical year for FIFA, with this track by Greek composer Vangelis becoming the official anthem. Mixed by techno artist Takkyu Ishino, this song was a hit with football fans around the world.


5. “The Time of Our Lives” Il Divo ft. Toni Braxton –2006

This collaboration by the operatic pop quartet Il Divo and R&B singer Toni Braxton was sung in both English and Spanish and talked about the power of finding glory.

Unlike the upbeat tracks that football is usually associated with, this one is operatic pop and more likely to rouse the patriotic and sportsmanship spirit than be all about adrenaline and loud cheers.


4. “Sign of a Victory” R. Kelly ft. Soweto Spiritual Singers –2010

R. Kelly’s “Sign Of Victory” was chosen as one of FIFA’s official anthems for the 2010 World Cup. He collaborated with the South African gospel choir Soweto Spiritual Singers for this track.

The song opened the Kickoff Concert the day before the World Cup’s opening ceremonies. South Africa was the host nation, and this song went on to become a hit in the USA as well as Japan.


3. “Wavin’ Flag” K’Naan –2010

K’naan’s reggae-fusion “Waving Flag” was another FIFA anthem in 2010, made popular by Coca-Cola’s promotion for the World Cup that year. The track hit the peak position in the charts of many nations, and the Somali-Canadian artist came into the world’s focus.


2. “Waka Waka (This Time for Africa)” Shakira –2010

Another Latin popstar that rocked the charts and the football stadiums in 2010 was Shakira’s very catchy number “Waka Waka”. The song has over 1.5 billion views and was the official song of the 2010 World Cup.

In the music video, footballers like Gerard Piqué, Dani Alves, Idriss Carlos Kameni, Rafael Márquez, and Lionel Messi all appear.


1. “We Are One (Ole Ola)” Pitbull ft. Jennifer Lopez and Claudia Leitte –2014

Whilst receiving positive reviews from critics; initially this official song of the 2014 FIFA World Cup received some negative reactions from Brazilians over its lack of Brazilian feeling. To change that, they had to release another version; the music changed slightly to fit Afro Brazilian group Olodum’s style of drumming.

That version being the one that was used in the music video for the song; “We Are One” experienced commercial success; it went to its peak at no.1 in 3 countries. The video has received over 590 million views.