We all know it is possible for these kids to follow in their father’s footsteps and become superstars in football, but the opposite is also possible. A good example is Barcelona legend Johan Cruyff and his son Jordi Cruyff who never really made it in football like his father. Now let us look at current and former footballers and their kids;

6. Rooney’s son Kai


Former Manchester United Captain Wayne Rooney’s son Kai has already shown the signs. At the end of every season, players come with their families and Kai has been quick to grab the opportunity to show the whole world what he can do. In a few years, you might have to put up with another fierce Rooney on your screen. His father captained Everton and now he is the leader again at DC United.

5.Van Persie’s son Shaqueel

If you can recall the young Van Persie joining Arsenal from Feyenoord, then you can paint an image of Shaqueel Van Persie. He plays with his left foot and he can take on a number of players just like his father. He joined Feyenoord academy to start off his football development where his father started. We will wait keenly to see if we will see another flying goal in the next few years.

4. Messi son Thiago

Still a very young boy but according to credible sources, Thiago has already shown a lot of interest in football. His father has lifted 5 Ballon d’Or awards so far. He has also helped his club Barcelona deliver many trophies. The hope Thiago can break that record one day.

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