The Brazilian midfielder, Philippe Coutinho, is married to a stunning woman named Aine Coutinho. But how and when did the two lovebirds meet? In short, here is a Philippe Coutinho’s love story with Aine Coutinho.

6. They met at a party when they were both 14

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Aine and Philippe Coutinho met at a party through a mutual friend back in 2007 when they were both 14 years old. Feeling aroused, sparks flew, and the couple began dating instantly. They grew up together in Rio de Janeiro.

5. They started living together at 14

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Shortly after their meeting, Philippe and Aine began living together as a family with Philippe Coutinho’s parents.

4. She stopped her studies to follow Coutinho


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Aine Coutinho travelled everywhere with her then-boyfriend. She even stopped her studies to keep him company. In 2008, Philippe Coutinho signed up for international football. The couple travelled the world together by 2010. But they were separated for a while when Philippe stayed in Spain in 2012.

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