Premier league returns tonight after taking a break last weekend to pave way for FA Cup fourth round matches. Manchester United will host Burnley; Chelsea will play Bournemouth away on Wednesday. Arsenal will welcome Cardiff at Emirates while their North London rivals Tottenham will clash with Watford at Wembley tomorrow. For the first time in 2019, Manchester City will play Newcastle United ahead of Liverpool who hosts Leicester City on Wednesday. Today, we want to recognize the five most valuable Youth Leagues in Europe right now.

5. U-19 Boys League (DEN) – €4.35 Million (Value)

Denmark U-19 Boys League is the surprise fifth most valuable Youth League in Europe. The division has 12 clubs and 273 players with an average age of 18.3 years. It has a foreigner’s percentage of 10.3% and a value of €4.35 million. This is the youth set-up that produced the likes of Christian Eriksen (Spurs) and Peter Schmeichel (ex-Man United) among others.

4. A-Junioren Bundesliga Süd/Südwest (GER) – €4.80 Million (Value)

Bundesliga is supplied much needed fresh talent by the famous Youth League called A-Junioren Bundesliga Süd/Südwest. This is where the likes of Thomas Muller, Philip Lahm, and Toni Kroos learned their craft.

The division is valued at €4.80 million. It has 14 clubs and 385 players with an average age of 18.2 years. The foreigner’s percentage stands at 21.8%.

3. Primavera 1 (ITA) – €14.8 Million (Value)

Italian Serie A gets talented youngsters supply from Primavera 1. The youth league is the third most valuable in Europe. It comprises of 16 clubs and 464 players with an average age of 18.4 years. The division has a foreign player’s percentage of 28.7 %. The value stands at €14.8 Million. This the league that produced all the famous names in Italian football like Gianluigi Buffon, Paolo Maldini, Fabio Cannavaro, and Filippo Inzaghi among others.

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