Playboy magazine became the largest men’s magazine selling seven million copies a month. The world of football has certainly seen a number of legendary “Playboys” over the ages.

Let’s look at some of the most memorable players who dominated the headlines both on and off the pitch. 

7. Ronaldinho

In addition to his brilliant play on the field, Ronaldinho was also known for his lurid sexual romps. In 2002, an English lap dancer named Lisa Collins sold her story to the newspapers recounting her memorable night with the Brazilian forward. 

6. Cristiano Ronaldo

No shame in Cristiano Ronaldo’s game; he’s with a new chick nearly every time we see him and he’s always rocking that trademark smile.

Models, actresses and frankly any hot girl in his vicinity will probably end up with CR7. Maybe this will stop though now he’s engaged to model Georgina Rodriguez. 

5. Ronaldo Nazario 

Ronaldo married female Brazilian footballer, Milene Domingues, at the time she was pregnant with the couple’s first son; they divorced four years later. In April 2008, Ronaldo was involved in a scandal involving three transvestites prostitutes whom he met in a nightclub located in the city of Rio de Janeiro. 

Right after the scandal, Ronaldo had a daughter with his girlfriend at the time Maria Beatriz Antony; yet after his brief relationship with Michele Umezu, he had another son. 

4. Gabby Agbonlahor

English professional footballer who is a free agent today. After his senior international debut for England in 2008, it was revealed that not only had he been juggling three girlfriends at once, but also he had managed to get all three of them pregnant. 

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