Boca Juniors

Boca’s first shirt in 1905 was a white and black before migrating to sky blue later that same year. But the problem was that there was another club, Nottingham de Almagro, that wore the same shirt. The two clubs agreed on playing a match and the winner would keep the shirt. Boca lost.

Sad and Angry, Boca players went to sit on the sides of the sea. While discussing, one of the players brought the idea of adopting the colours of the flag of the first ship to sail into the port, they agreed on it and the first ship to come was the Swedish Drottning Sophia. So, Swedish flag colours became Boca colours since 1913.


In the beginning Arsenal’s name was Dial Square and wore dark red shirts, white shorts and black socks. So, how did they adopted today’s colours?

One story says that Dial Square brought in three players from Nottingham Forest.  When these players joined the club, because of very tight financial constraints, Dial Square decided to use the kits those players had brought with them as they saw it as an option that wouldn’t cost them much money.

Another story says that Dial Square wrote to Nottingham Forest asking for a donation of kits, and Notts replied positively.