Football is a game that entertains millions every day all over the World. It brings people together in a manner not seen in any other sport. Enemies put their differences together to enjoy it for 90 minutes. However, it is also where fatal injuries and sometimes death happen. A number of players have collapsed and died on the pitch over the years. Today we want to look at six football deaths that shocked the World.

6. Jumadi Abdi- Indonesia

Indonesia rising star Jumaidi Abdi sadly died exactly eight days after a harmless-looking collision with Persela’s Deny Tarkas in a clash against PKT at Mulawarman Stadium in March 2009. To make matters worse is that it was a stomach injury that looked ok after surgery but he still succumbed eight days later.

5. Cristiano Junior- Dempo

We don’t get to hear a lot from the Indian Premier League but on this day, we did get very bad news. Dempo number 10 Cristiano Junior collided with Mohun Bagan keeper Subrata Paul and was knocked down unconscious, there was no doctor on the pitch the star died. The entire hierarchy from the federation to both teams are still blamed for their negligence. There should always be doctors capable of doing a proper first aid to save lives but there was none on the day.

4. Patrick Ekeng- Cameroon

Dinamo Bucharest midfielder Patrick Ekeng collapsed and died on the pitch after what the doctor was a heart attack in May 2016 in a clash against Viitorul Constanta.

“Resuscitation attempts were made for an hour and a half without success,” said doctor Liviu Paltinean.

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