Joel Embiid was back! … On Thursday night, Miami Hewat welcomed the Sixers in what was the best and most compelling game of the playoffs so far.The Philadelphia 76ers beat the Miami Heat 128-108 to take a 2-1 lead. A masked Joel Embiid dazzled in his return from an orbital injury, scoring 23 points. From a masked man to unreal offensive execution to beefs springing up all over the court. Here are some of the rivalries that occurred in Game 3.

5. Things got heated between Dwyane Wade and Justin Anderson

Things got heated when between Miami’s Dwyane Wade and the Sixers’ Justin Anderson in the second quarter. Wade pulled Anderson’s arm and the Sixers reserve guard responded by taking a half-hearted swing at him.

4. Ben Simmons destroys Heat defense with one play

Simmons didn’t have his best game of the series, but he still made all the right plays. Winslow had his moments guarding Simmons, but this one play shows that the Sixers are playing in a different weight class.

3. Embiid on and off the mask

After missing 10 games, Embiid was back with a mask on. During the game, Embiid spiked the mask off the hardwood in the third quarter after a hard foul sent him to the floor.

But mask or no mask, Embiid was a difference-maker. He finished the game with 23 points, seven rebounds, four assists, and three blocks.

2. Justise Winslow tried to break Joel Embiid’s mask

Winslow, the Heat forward, stepped on the protective face mask after it’d fallen off of Embiid in the second quarter of the game. No technical foul was called on Winslow. And the play had no impact on the outcome of the game as Philadelphia beat Miami 128-108.

1. Embiid responded to Winslow after the game

After the game, Embiid mentioned Winslow in his response to what he did on his mask. Trying to show him that even if he broke the mask, Joel would never be bothered as he has got man pairs of them. He also said the Sixers are there to win the series.”We’re not here to make friends,” he said postgame. “We’re here to win a series.”