In all sports around the world, we see players doing things before or after their performances. Some listen to a certain song, others have a way of doing their hair, or praying. But somehow, it becomes important for them to repeat that action every single time. Here are 5 footballers and their rituals before every game.

5. Neymar – Calling his father

Neymar has a sweet ritual to talk to his father just before a match. Be it face-to-face or via a phone call. Hearing his father’s voice helps him to boost his confidence, makes him strong, and calms him down. His father has been present in his whole football career.

4. Javier Hernandez – Praying on his knees

Hernandez likes praying before a match on his knees. This has been a well-known ritual in his family as his father did the same before an important match. Chicharito is a Christian.

3. Luis Suarez – Kissing his wrist and fingers

The Uruguayan kisses his wedding ring and then his wrist after every goal he scores for both club and country. On his wrist, he has a tattoo with the names of his children and the wedding ring. The Uruguayan also kisses his three fingers every time he scores.

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