Football may be far from joining Baseball or Hockey (the most bearded sports), but it still got some bearded fellas. Whether beards are popular due to fashion, superstition, or ease of grooming, it’s another way that players can set themselves apart on the field. Down we look at the best beards in the World Cup.

5. Mousa Dembele -Belgium

Mousa Dembele is the epitome of a short groomed beard. The Belgium central midfielder could grow a much longer beard but prefers this clean-cut style.

4. Sergio Ramos -Spain

One of the best defenders in the world is also one of the best-dressed and shaved men. Ramos has always had a unique sense of fashion which has gotta better with his age and experience. Long gone are his days of having long hair scraped back with a hair band and no beard. Now he has no hair and changes styles of the beard; he has a goatee now.

3. Adil Rami -France

Not only does Rami have a well-tended garden of follicular delights on his face, but like an improv performer in any room, anywhere, he knows how to use it as a prop. This is the sort of hair game that would make Jonathan Van Ness weep with joy.

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