The Egyptian king took the football world by storm this season, scoring 43 goals to be the Europea top goal scorer so far. Being the first African to score more than 30 goals in a season in the Premier League, Mohamed Salah is going place, and everyone now is talking about the new Football King. Let’s take a look at the life of a pharaoh.

5. Religion

Salah is Muslim and often celebrates goals by performing the sujood. Liverpool fans created a chant to the tune of Dodgy’s “Good Enough”, saying that if Salah continued to score goals, they would convert to Islam. Salah gave his approval to the chant, and it has been cited as an example of inclusivity.

4. Family

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Mohammed Salah married Maggi in 2013. Together they have a daughter named Makka who was born in 2014. His daughter is named after the holiest city in Islam and was born in Westminster Hospital in south-west London.

3. Hobbies, Car Collection and Networth

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Diving 😁😁

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Although Salah’s net worth is estimated to be around $2.25 million. His current wages at Liverpool are approximately $125,000 per week (£90,000).

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Salah drives an Audi Q7 (Estimated $53,900). He has other cars in his store, namely Toyota Camry ($23,400); and rumors say he is set to add in a Lamborgini Avendator ($393,000).

In his own words, his hobby is “practicing my favorite sport; PlayStation. But I have to confess… Salah in the video game is stronger than the real one.”

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