A physical appearance is the description of the physical properties of an object. Most of the time, we judge a person by his /her physical appearance. Watching football on TV, most footballers have this same chiseled chick bones, perfectly barbed hair, and trademark tattoos.

However, there are few out there, who completely look out of place. They are frauds. There is something about their look that doesn’t fit. And Judging the book’s cover, these players Don’t Look Like Footballers. They have wandered in from a very different day job.

5. Per Mertesacker -History Teacher

In an ongoing observation of history teachers, they all look uncannily similar. And Mertesacker is not far from that. Besides, he likes teaching. Not history, of course.

Mesut Ozil on this debut season in London, he admitted Mertesacker was a good teacher:

“Driving on the left-hand side. I thought it would be much more difficult than it really is. But Per Mertesacker gave me some ‘driving lessons’ and they helped me, so I can drive there.”

4. Andreas Iniesta -Software Analyst

Iniesta’s willingness to play anywhere on the pitch has earned him the sobriquet El Ilusionista (The Illusionist), El Cerebro (The Brain), El Anti-Galáctico (a pun on Real Madrid players’ nickname Los Galácticos), El Caballero Pálido (The Pale Knight) and most recently Don Andrés from the Spanish press.

However, he doesn’t even look like a football analyst. Only software analyst would suit him.

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