European football season continues across Europe this weekend as the tough winter period starts. All other Leagues are preparing to take Christmas break but Premier League will carry on as usual. UEFA Champions League and Europa League final group games will be played next week. The two will also take a break until February 2019. Today, we want to take a look at six biggest stadiums by capacity located outside Europe.

6. The Rose Bowl- 92,542 Capacity

Location- Pasadena (USA)

The Rose Bowl is the biggest soccer stadium in the USA. It was constructed to host the World Cup in 1994. It hosts national team qualifiers and Major League Soccer matches among other events. It has a capacity of around 92,542 people. The US-Mexico-Canada will jointly host 2026 World Cup, this venue will certainly be renovated to host several matches.

5. FNB Stadium- 94,736 Capacity

Location- Johannesburg (South Africa)

FNB Stadium is the only venue from Africa on the list. ‘Soccer City’ as the fans call it was opened in 1989 but it was renovated to host 2010 World Cup. The stadium hosted the opening match and the final between Spain and Netherlands. It can hold a maximum of 94,736 fans at ago. It is situated in Johannesburg, South Africa.

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