Despite LeBron’s’ insane performance all season long, Harden has made much more noise than any other NBA player. The Beard has had a spectacular season, and as he keeps rolling it all in the playoffs, let’s go back and take a look at his 5 best games of the regular season.

5. Rockets against Portland Trail Blazers (20th March 2018)

Though the Portland Trail Blazers were on a 13-game win streak, Rockets came out to break it all. This time, James Harden raised his left-hand shots for the team to leave the Blazers shut. He knocked down two clutch threes in the last two minutes of the game, to put the game out of hand for the Blazers. He finished with 42 points, 7 assists, 6 rebounds on 52.0% shooting

4. Harden on the Utah Jazz home floor (26th February 2018)

Stopping James Harden has been a very serious matter this season. In February, the Rockets visited Utah Jazz who had the most momentum in the league. James Harden, as usual, destroyed them with a double digits performance. He posted 26 points, 11 rebounds, 5 assists, 4 steals on 61.5% shooting.

3. Beard against Washington Wizards (3rd April 2018)

Harden, with his numbers, helped the rockets in recording a franchise-high 65 wins. Against the visiting Washington Wizards in April, the Rockets flew to a 16-point win and yet again Harden was the focal point. He dropped 38 points, 10 rebounds, 9 assists on 66.7% shooting.

2. Against Utah Jazz (5th November 2017)

Harden has been on fire since the very beginning! Back in November against Utah Jazz, while shooting 76.0% from the field, Harden recorded a then career-high 56 points. He missed just one three-pointer (7-of-8) and only one free-throw (11-of-12) all game. Harden posted 56 points and 13 assists on 76.0% shooting.

1. James Harden against Orlando Magic (30th January 2018)

If we say this season is Harden’s, only haters could claim. On January 30th, James Harden became the first player in NBA history to record a 60-point triple-double. Not even Westbrook has ever done that! The Beard went on to explode against the Orlando Magic, monstrously dropping 60 points, 11 assists, 10 rebounds, 4 steals on 63.3% shooting.

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