Some talented wonder-kids receive a large amount of money relatively early in their lives. The financial stability allows them to take on more responsibilities than the average person of the same age. Some of the biggest names in football did that, by becoming parents at a very young age. Here are 5 famous footballers who became fathers during their teenage years.

5. Jack Wilshere (19 years of old)

On hearing about the pregnancy, Wilshere vowed to support and stand by his ex-partner Lauren Neal and to be there for the child. On 29 September 2011, Archie Jack Wilshere was born, making the English midfielder a parent at the age of 19.

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In spite of the personal troubles they faced, the couple had a second child together. Their daughter Delilah Grace Wilshere was born on 26 September 2013. Wilshere is now engaged to his current girlfriend, Andriani Michael.

4. Neymar (19 years old)

The Brazilian captain, Neymar, has a son, David Lucca Da Silva Santos, with his ex-girlfriend Carolina Nogueira Dantas. Lucca was born on the 24 August 2011, in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Neymar was 19 years old then.

His girlfriend Carolina Dantas, who was studying medicine at the time, was only 17 when she gave birth to their child. The child currently lives with her after the couple split. But he Neymar frequently visits him, and father and son spend a lot of time together.

3. Raheem Sterling (18 years old)

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It won’t be a crime to say that Man. City superstar, Raheem Sterling had a bad reputation as a youngster. He was twice acquitted in assault charges on two different women. Rumors crazily claimed Sterling to have more than one child with more than one woman.

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But can’t be true as the English winger has only one daughter named Melody Rose Sterling. Melody was born in 2012 but the identity of her mother is currently unknown.

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