All European Leagues are back in action this weekend. Top clubs played on Saturday because of UEFA Champions League commitments in the coming week. Today, we want to look at the highest paying sports events globally by prize money. All Football Leagues have not been included. Only tournaments like UCL, Europa, World Cup, and EURO make the list.

6. UEFA Europa League- $16.4M Winners

UEFA Europa League is the second tier European competition. Top clubs don’t like the tournament because it involves traveling to far places. The games are also played on Thursdays which makes it hard for players to rest ahead of weekend matches. However, $16.4m awaits winners of the competition. Atletico Madrid did not do well in UEFA Champions League last season, but after dropping down they won Europa.

5. MLB (World Series)- $22.5M Winners

Major League Baseball is a lucrative sport in North America. In fact, according to some reports, it is the most popular championship in the United States. The rest of the World don’t really understand it well but what matters is that there is big money involved. The most recent champion of the World series received $22.5 million

4. EURO- $29M Winners

Portugal pocketed $29 million when they defeated France 1-0 in 2016 to lift the European Crown. It was the first national title for Cristiano Ronaldo and he could not hold his tears. The money in it was not important for him. Lionel Messi has not won anything with Argentina despite reaching several finals. This is why it was so important for CR7.

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