After Stephen Curry had been a terrifying 3-point shooter in the past seasons. But now it looks like he has influenced the whole league. Regardless their positions, almost all NBA players are becoming 3-point shooters. Now it’s all about catch-and-shoot systems everywhere. All in all, let’s take a look at 5 deadliest shooters from the regular season.

4. Kyle Korver – Cleveland Cavaliers

Leaving Kyle Korver open at the 3-point range is equivalent to basketball suicide for any opposition team. Thanks to his unbeatable skill, Korver holds a number of records. He’s the only player to average over 50% from 3-point territory for an entire regular season campaign. Kyle also led the league in 3-point percentage 4 times.

He also earlier held the record for most consecutive games with a made 3-pointer (127) before Steph Curry broke it with 157. This season, Kyle Korver avered 43.6% from downtown on 5.2 attempts per game.

4. Klay Thompson – Golden State Warriors

Now that Curry has suffered multiple injuries this season long, guess who is the best shooter in Golden State Warriors? Making 3.2 out of 7.1 attempts per game, Klay is averaging an otherworldly 44% for a volume of shooting. Thompson has been underrated due to the presence of Stephen Curry, but all the Pacer fans can witness how threatening he is, after dropping 60 on them in three quarters.

3. Otto Porter Jr. – Washington Wizards

John Wall had a very remarkable impact on Washington Wizards’ regular season, but Otto Porter Jr. has been their catch-and-shoot specialist. Since John Wall’s injury, Porter has upped the ante to average 19.3 points per game on splits of 53.5% and 43.0%.

2. Reggie Bullock – Detroit Pistons

Averaging 11.3 points, 2.5 rebounds and 1.5 assists per game while playing good defense on opposition wings, Bullock has become a passable role player in the league. Reggie averaged a scorching 44.5% from 3-point territory on a sizeable 4.5 attempts per game. His hot streak from 3-point territory could earn his a perfect deal during his free agency.

Darren Collison – Indiana Pacers

The Cavs are having hard times in the playoffs in front of the Indiana Pacers. This is not for nothing as Oladipo, Bogdanovic, and Collison are onboard. Collison is averaging 12.4 points per game as a tertiary scorer on the Pacers team on 49.5% from the field, 46.8% from 3-point territory and 88.2% from the free-throw line.

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