Do you think that professional footballers are too busy on the field to do anything else?  Just take a look at these guys. Here we have the seven footballers with the Most Kids.

7. Cristiano Ronaldo -4 kids

Cristiano Ronaldo is considered as one of the best footballers in the world. Outside the football pitch, though, he recently graduated from a playboy to a loving and caring father.

Ronaldo became a father to Cristiano Ronaldo Jr, in June 2010. In June 2017, he had become the father to twins, a daughter Eva Maria and a son Mateo. Five months later, his girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez gave birth to their daughter Alana Martina.

6. David Beckham -4 kids

renowned for his long-range passing, crossing ability, and bending free-kicks as a right winger, Beckham will remain a big name in football. His name is much bigger off-pitch though. He makes it to the list with four kids (Brooklyn, Romeo James, Cuz, and Harper Seven Beckham).

In 2008, David Beckham’s name was reportedly being used by a Chinese contraceptive firm to promote a range of condoms. Mr. Simon Oliveira of Beckham’s agency said: “It’s not an official brand.” People never doubted; Beckham, with four kids, did not seem to be a fan of condoms.

5. Diego Maradona -5 Kids

One of the greatest footballers of all time, Maradona needs no introduction. Maradona seemed to follow in his dad’s footsteps, Diego Maradona “Chitoro” who had six children.

Maradona has two sons; Diego Sinagra, and Diego Fernando Maradona, and three daughters; Dalma Maradona, Giannina Maradona, and Jana Maradona. However, Santiago Lara, 17, might be Maradona’s sixth kid.

4. Samuel Eto’o -5 kids

One of the best footballers of his time, Samuel Eto’o Fils, has five children: Annie, Maelle, Étienne, Siena and Lynn. He had Maelle, Siena and Lynn with his wife Georgette Tra Lou, and the two others from previous relationships.

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