Lions can create intense fear in anything that comes close to them. Be it other animals or even humans, everyone sees a lion as a threatening creature. But there are some fearless people, including footballers, who like visiting lions in parks and zoos as a hobby. All in all, here are 5 footballers who were caught playing around with lions.

5. Fabio Cannavaro

During his time the former Italy captain was one of the most fearsome defenders. For the way he used to protect his team, they used to refer him to a lion protecting its cubs. In fact, Cannavaro seems to like lions in real life. He visits zoos and spends some time scratching and tickling them.

4. Patrice Evra

How many people can feed a lion cub without any sign of being bitten? Well, the former Manchester United player is different when it comes to making friends with animals. Patrice Evra can be seen giving some milk to the little cub.

3. Carlos Tevez

Carlos Teves was a very fearsome striker. But let’s talk about when he had some long hair. He looked like a lion, right?! But did you know the Argentinian once quenched the thirst of a male lion?

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