European teams dominate football, whether it be at club level or internationally. However, it’s easy to argue that Europe is overshadowed by South America when it comes to the main attraction off the pitch; certainly, for casual viewers, that being the female fans in the stands. Take a look at our hotties list below:

7. Chile

Chile has gifted the world with top-notch stars like Alexis Sanchez and Arturo Vidal, who are now at the top of their game. Securing two successive Copa America titles and having some of the world’s hottest women, we can’t resist watching Chile. 

6. Sweden

When you are watching Sweden in action, one thing that will definitely catch your attention is the brigade of predominantly blonde beauties out in the stands. Decked in the colour of their flag, they are often shouting their lungs out to cheer their players on. 

5. Argentina

Having a footballing Legend Lionel Messi in your side, you cannot ask for more entertainment, but on rare occasions when the Barcelona star fails to fire, you can always keep your spirits high with a good show coming from the stands.  

4. Paraguay 

The nation with a never-say-die and fearless attitude both on and off the field, it is obvious that female fans here are the boldest ones. The amount of glamour and oomph factor that they add to the sport with their perfectly toned bodies and their extremely attractive outfits is unquantifiable.