3. His girlfriend is Bruna Loureiro

After the break-up with Sara Madeira; it seems that the 6’2″ Diadema native has fallen in love again, this time the lucky gal is fashion model Bruna Loureiro.

David and Bruna met in June 2016 in Brazil, and have been dating ever since. Bruna loves to go to the beach; in addition to working out, she keeps in perfect shape by playing volleyball and capoeira.

2. He is a member of Atletas de Cristo (Athletes of Christ)

David Luiz is a devout Christian and he is linked with the Atletas de Cristo (Athletes of Christ). Athletics of Christ is a non-profit organization made up of strong Christian sportsmen. Kaka is among the  Luiz was baptized in the swimming pool of former teammate Maxwell in 2015.

1. Sometimes he prays for people to score and then it happens

Luiz likes praying before every match. He once prayed for James Rodriguez to score against him and James did score. However, he didn’t pray for him to win the match as it was against his team. Brazil eventually ended with a 2-1 victory. “My faith gives me a belief that I can go out and perform and also help other players including my opponents,” Luiz said. “It gives me strength and inspiration.”

There was a time when the Brazilian defender touched Fernando Torres for luck before Chelsea game. The Blues went on to finish with a 5-0 Champions League win over Genk. Tores scored two of the five goals. It’s not just a superstition for Dave, but faith.

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