Former Arsenal star Paul Merson has revealed that Arsenal will lose to Liverpool on Saturday evening due to one reason.

The Gunners will face one of their toughest challenges of the season as they host the joint Premier League leaders.

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🎙️ Klopp's press conference Klopp on Arsenal: "They score a lot of goals and they are really good defensively. We have to make sure they don't score." . Klopp on the season so far: "We really should have won at Chelsea! My big assessment is: so far, so good – nothing else. A quarter of the season is nothing. We have not done anything special. We stuck to our plan. As long as the majority of the boys are fit we have a really good football team." . Jurgen Klopp on Unai Emery: "Everyone in football knows how good he is. Not all Arsenal fans were over the moon when he was appointed but that's England, you want the poster boys. He's won 8 titles in last 2/3 years. That's pretty big." . "The most intense period of the season is still to come. A very intense period this week and then an international break – my favourite!" . . ⁦🎙️⁩ ادامه ی کنفرانس خبری کلوپ پیش از دیدار با آرسنال درباره ی آرسنال: "گل های زیادی رو به ثمر رسوندن و از لحاظ دفاعی خوب کار میکنن. باید از بسته نگه داشتن دروازه مون اطمینان حاصل کنیم." . درباره ی عملکرد لیورپول تا به اینجای فصل: "واقعا باید در زمین چلسی پیروز میشدیم! ارزیابی بزرگ من از این فصل اینه که تا الان همه چی خوب بوده. یک چهارم فصل هیچی نیست. ما هیچ کار خاصی رو انجام ندادیم. برنامه های خودمون رو به اجرا در آوردیم. تا زمانی که اکثر بازیکنامون آماده باشن ، تیم واقعا خوبی رو در اختیار داریم." . درباره ی اونای امری: "همه در فوتبال میدونن که او چقدر خوبه. وقتی به عنوان سرمربی آرسنال معرفی شد ، اینطور نبود که تمام هواداران این تیم از خوشحالی در ماه سیر بکنن. اما فوتبال انگلیس همینه. شما کسانی رو میخواید که دائم روی پوستر های تبلیغاتی باشن. او در ۳-۲ سال اخیر ۸ جام برده. رقم خیلی بزرگیه." . درباره ی فینال لیگ اروپا ۲۰۱۶ مقابل امری: "در عوض شدن نتیجه ی اون بازی ، خودمون تاثیر بزرگی داشتیم. در نیمه ی دوم بازی رو در اختیار داشتن و ما نتونستیم برگردیم. اون دیدار ، شصت و سومین بازی فصلمون بود و در نهایت اونا پیروز شدن و ما باختیم." . "دشوار ترین دوره ی فصل هنوز در راه هست. یک هفته ی فشرده رو در پیش داریم و بعدش وقفه ی ملی – مسابقات مورد علاقه ی من!" . . . #reds #ynwa #Liverpoolfc #liverpool #lfc #لیورپول #kop #lfciran #lfcfamily #goal #Anfield #YNWA #LFCfamily #lovelfc #Klopp #redmen #iranlfc #ThisIsAnfield #WeAreLiverpool . . #psr19 . .

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The North London side have lost two opening Premier League games against Manchester City and Chelsea.

On the other hand, the Reds are yet to lose a single league game as they boast 26 points from ten outings.

Therefore, former England midfielder Merson believes this weekend could see Emery suffer his first loss since August.

Merson told Sky Sports: “I can’t see anything but a Liverpool win. I think this is the day Arsenal show some big cracks.”

“I just think the defence is terrible, all over the place, and no different to what it was before.”

“If Hector Bellerin is injured, you’re talking about Granit Xhaka at left-back, a central midfield player, and Stephan Lichtsteiner at right-back, who has been a good player but is nearly 35 now.”

“How many 35-year-old’s are there in the Premier League? We saw Leicester rip Arsenal to shreds for 30 minutes; they scored, Harry Maguire missed a sitter, they had a stonewall penalty turned down.”

“We saw Leicester rip Arsenal to shreds for 30 minutes; they scored, Harry Maguire missed a sitter, they had a stonewall penalty turned down. Leicester’s front three aren’t even in the same class as Liverpool’s. I just cannot see how Arsenal will live with them.”

“People will say: ‘Oh Arsenal will score goals…’ but Liverpool’s defence has been superb. I watched Arsenal win 11 games on the trot, and they could have easily lost four of them, let alone drawn them.”

The Gunners are now fourth on the Premier League table with 22 points in ten games. And if they manage to win this weekend’s clash, they will, meanwhile, overtake third-placed Chelsea.

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