Referees are among the most important people to football. They are the ones responsible for the order on the pitch. A bad referee can spoil a good game and a good one adds salt and chili on it!  Even if they have such an important role, they are rarely recognized and very few people care about their movements on the pitch. Today, we want to look at 5 times when referees stole the show during the match.

5.Tony Chapron – Nantes v Paris-Saint Germain [January 2018]

In what could be called ‘a moment of madness’, Ligue 1 referee Tony Chapron kicked FC Nantes defender Diego Carlos before sending him off.

How did that happen?

The Brazilian defender had a ‘coming together’ with referee Tony Chapron. Carlos accidentally clipped Chapron’s heels as the official felt down.

As the referee got back to his feet he quite clearly kicked out at Carlos. The situation became more astonishing when Chapron proceeded to give the player a second yellow card for the incident.

4.Howard Webb – Spain v The Netherlands [2010 FIFA World Cup final]

2010 World Cup final will always be remembered for three things; Iniesta’s winning goal in extra time, Robben’s miss and Howard Webb’s decision to not send de Jong off for a kung-fu kick on Xabi Alonso.

In his book ‘the man in the middle’, Webb said that he didn’t see the action. He wrote: ‘‘At that moment I’d been positioned just behind Alonso, about 10 yards away, so I hadn’t seen the actual point of impact or exactly how De Jong had connected.”

3.Bibiana Steinhaus – Hertha Berlin v Alemannia Aachen [October 2010]

The 39-year-old first came to worldwide attention when refereeing a second division game in Germany. Hertha player Peter Niemeyer attempted to pat the female referee on the back, but as she moved back he missed and touched her right breast.

The German female football referee saw the funny side, glancing up at the player with a quizzical look.