Rich people with good hearts always seek to help others, rich footballers with golden hearts some charity acts too. Today we want to look at 5 most adorable things done by football players.

5.Didier Drogba

In 2006, Civil war had been ravaging Ivory Coast for 5 years, Drogba begged for a truce live on television! He wanted the country to get behind their team in the World Cup. Thanks to his efforts, the fighting was temporarily interrupted!

4.Mesut Ozil

After Germany’s victory at the 2014 World Cup, Mesut Ozil decided to give away all the money that he earned during the tournament to vulnerable Brazilian children. He paid for medical bills and surgery. The total cost was $300,000.

3.Edinson Cavani

When Cavani played for Napoli, a young homeless man from Ghana was living below him, Cavani took him under his wing they became friends and he ended up offering him a job as a butler.