Chelsea WAGs: 7 Chelsea Players With The Hottest Wives

Chelsea WAGs: 7 Chelsea Players With The Hottest Wives

Footballers get the crown when it comes to WAGs. Last summer, Thibaut Courtois has been spotted kissing Brittny Gastineau, the best friend of reality TV queen Kim Kardashian, in Los Angeles. In the same summer, Morata tied the knot with the beautiful Alice Campello. This has made us to go through some of Chelsea players who are married to the hottest women. Here are 7 Chelsea players with the hottest wives.

7. Carolina Martin was married to Pedro Rodriguez

Carolina (Carol) Martin is Pedro’s wife. They met each other when he was only 17 and she was 22. She never missed one game, this very much in love would drive her car to see him play. They took vows in June 2015 and together they have a son. But they have now divorced. And Pedro jumped on rebound with a stunning new girlfriend.

6. Morena Urzini is dating Davide Zappacosta

Morena Urzini is Zappacosta’s 23-year-old girlfriend. The pair met during his time playing for Avellino, the 23-year-old’s native city where she works in an electronics shop. Zappacota has been in love with her right from his teen.

5. Natacha Hazard is married to Eden Hazard

Natacha Hazard is Eden’s wife. They met each other when they were 14 and tied the knot in April 2012. They got their first child when they were both 19 years old. Now they have 3 children together. Natacha keeps her life very private.

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