For the purposes of injury prevention and improving performance, abs are a worthy investment. However, Some abs are just incredible. No wonder, these are some of the footballers with the most eye-pleasing abs.

5. Antonio Valencia

Arguably the best right-back at Manchester United, Antonio Valencia also happens to be one of the most ripped footballers in the squad. He has a blistering amount of pace into his game and is almost omnipresent in the entire football pitch, thanks to his amazing work rate.

4. James Rodriguez

The stunning model and Colombian footballer have been chatting on social media since his move to Bayern Munich. The Internet exploded even more after footage of the fitness fanatic flaunting her figure screaming she’s crushing on Rodriguez.

3. Cristiano Ronaldo

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Perhaps when you started reading this countdown you thought Cristiano had to be first. We all know the kind of transition Ronaldo has gone through physically since his Manchester United days; the kind of physicality almost every person (actors and politicians alike) want nowadays.

Ronaldo has less than 5% body fat, which means he’s practically all muscle. But He comes third.

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