Former Liverpool and Real Madrid midfielder Xabi Alonso has revealed the better side between both clubs ahead of their Champions League final clash.

The Spaniard has claimed that the Los Blancos are now better equipped for the Champions League final than the Premier League giants.

Alonso, who managed to win the European trophy with both sides, has admitted that Jurgen Klopp can help keep Liverpool calm.

“For Jürgen, it’s not his first final. So he’s the leader, he needs to try to get the players ready for such big emotions,” Xabi told Liverpool’s club website.

“For the Real Madrid guys, it’s the opposite. They have played so many finals in the last few years, so they can manage the situation better. Later it’s just 90 minutes for both sides, whatever happens. But the build-up is different. For sure it’s good to have that experience. But it’s good as well to have that excitement, that hunger, but you need to control as well the over-relaxation and the over-motivation.”

“I have feelings for both clubs. I was lucky enough to win this trophy with both clubs so for me it’s difficult to pick one and I will be happy whatever happens, that’s for sure.”

“A final with Madrid, with Liverpool… we have seen in the Champions League, the different stages, so many unexpected things have happened so I am ready for anything and everything that can happen.”

Alonso helped Liverpool to the UEFA Champions League in 2005 against AC Milan, before going on to win it again in 2014 with Real Madrid against Atletico Madrid.

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