Many footballers adore adulation and demand respect. These star footballers earn more money in a month than most of us can imagine of earning in a lifetime. They may be good at the club level or were good in the group stages, but not good enough to qualify for the next round. Down are the most overrated footballers in the last 16 so far.

4. Lionel Messi -Argentina

One of the best players at the club level, Messi seem to only be good when he has a solid midfield and better assists from Barcelona teammates. At the international level, he was just another player; not there when it really matters, and ending the comparisons of Messi vs Maradona.

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3. Joachim Low –Germany

Much was made of Low’s decision to leave Leroy Sane out of the squad, his decision to stick with Manuel Neuer (despite the keeper having essentially missed an entire season) and his overall loyalty to essentially the same group of players who lifted the World Cup four years ago in Brazil. So the biggest disgrace in German World Cup history rests on his shoulders.

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2. Cristiano Ronaldo -Portugal

The Portuguese goal machine did well in the group stages, scoring four goals in three games, leading his team to the last 16, and rising hopes of the fans. However, one of the Golden Boot contenders did not reach the fans’ expectations, leaving his team surrender to Edinson Cavani’s Uruguay.

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1. David De Gea -Spain

De Gea is widely considering the best goalkeeper in the world, but it’s difficult to equate some of his performances in this World Cup with that ranking. He may not have committed as many mistakes as in Spain’s opener against Portugal, but Spain pushed to the penalties knockout, all the hopes fell on the so-called greatest goalkeeper (In vain).

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