Wilfried Zaha has revealed that his decision to join Manchester United was too early to be made but has claimed that he is now totally different player.

Zaha, who started his youth and senior career at Crystal Palace, joined Manchester United in 2013 from the London side.

However, the Ivory Coast international was left frustrated at Old Trafford under manager David Moyes after Sir Alex Ferguson’s retirement.

Zaha returned to the Eagles on loan deal just after one year at United before signing the permanent contract at Selhurst Park.

. . للأمانه وبدون ادنى شك .. هذا اكثر لاعب اتمنى يرجع لليونايتد ، لاعب ممتاز مهارياً وبدنياً ماشاءالله ، الجهه اليمنى مفتقره وبشده باليونايتد ، الجناح الايمن مطلب كل مانشستراوي ، رأينا مارسيال وراشفورد وسانشيز لم يؤدوا الشكل المطلوب في هذه الجهه ، كل لاعبين الاطراف في اليونايتد يفضّلوا الجهه اليسرى او مايُسمى بالجناح الايسر ، كنت اتمنى احد يساعدنا في الجهه اليمنى لكن لم يظهر واعتقد لنن يظهر لاعب بمواصفات افضل من زاها في هذا المكان ، قيمة السوقيه حالياً بين ال 40 مليون الى 50 مليون يورو ، اتتتتممممنى اليونايتد يعيدونه يااارب ❤💔😔🔥 • ماذا عنك أيها المشجع؟ ماهو اكثر لاعب تتمنى عودته لليونايتد حالياً؟ شاركناا 👇🏼👇🏼

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The 25-year-old told Sky Sports News: “Me going to a big club when I was like 19 or 20, I didn’t know what to expect, how to behave, whatever.”

“I was just a youngster who wanted to do tricks, I didn’t even care about end product really.”

“Now I take things a lot more seriously – the gym aspect, recovery after games, my decision-making. I’ve learnt a lot in terms of my all-around game. I’m totally different now. I’m definitely more mature and more strong-minded.”

“I had to be mentally strong after what I went through at United. I think in football, most of it is just mental. Once you’ve got that sorted, then you’re good.”

Zaha, who featured four times for United, signed a new five-year contract with Crystal Palace on 26 May 2017.

The winger has now managed to score seven goals and two assists in all competitions this season for Roy Hodgson’s side.

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