Joe Hart didn’t want to leave Man City, but he was forced to move to Torino the previous season on loan and has been shipped out again, this time to Burnley. City and manager Pep Guardiola did not want him anymore, while Jack Wilshere was forced to leave Arsenal last season too, the club he loves, we look at examples of when footballers have been sold against their will, beginning with Iker Casillas in 2015.

5. Iker Casillas -2015 (Real Madrid to Porto)

This was a really badly managed exit and, not for the first time, president Florentino Perez comes out badly. Casillas’ parents believed the goalkeeper was treated differently from other players since Perez arrived for his second term as the big boss in 2009.

When he left for Porto in 2015 it was very much out of the back door as he arrived on his own to a press conference to say goodbye, with tears streaming down his face.

4. Alex Song -2012 (Arsenal to Barcelona)

“I love Arsenal, I never wanted to leave,” Song said following his £15m move to Barcelona in 2012. He said he wanted to commit his future to the club. Most Barcelona fans will wish he did but ended up moving to Spain.

Still, remember when he thought Carles Puyol was giving him the Liga trophy on the pitch, but it was for Eric Abidal instead? Song also revealed he wanted to return to Arsenal after his move to Spain did not work out.

3. Angel Di Maria -2014 (Real Madrid to Man United)

The Argentine playmaker joined Man United in 2014 in a transfer just shy of £60m, but he did not enjoy his first and only season in the Premier League and left for PSG in 2015. It was not his choice to leave Spain and in open letter to Real Madrid fans, he set the record straight.

“Sadly the time has come for me to leave, but I would like to make it clear that it was never my wish,” he explained. “Much has been said and many lies have been told. There has been a desire all along to attribute to me a desire to leave the club, something that has never been the case.”

Similarly, Ozil said leaving Real Madrid was the most “difficult decision of my life” because, why would you choose to leave Real? “In my mind, the journey with Real was not yet finished.”

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