Football is generally a young man’s game. However, people age differently. There’s a bunch of footballers from across the world who you’d seriously never believe were young enough to still be playing the game just by taking a quick glance. Down are some footballers who look older than their age.

5. Romelu Lukaku -25 Years

It’s always been a case of “no way are you that young?!” for Romelu Lukaku. He’s blessed with ridiculous genetics and has been built like a heavyweight boxer since his teenage years. The Belgian is still only 25, and it’s a scary thought to know that he’s not even reached his physical peak yet.

4. Phil Jones -26 years

Granted he looks a bit older, Jones is another player whose experience vastly exceeds his age. While his development has arguably been shackled by his own versatility, Jones has been to a European Championships and a World Cup during his relatively fledgeling England career.

He’s also, alarmingly, one of the more senior members of the Manchester United defensive unit.

3. Diego Costa -29 years

“Chelsea goal-poacher Costa has the look of a grizzled gunslinger in a spaghetti western,” said Garth Crooks back in 2014. That was before Eden Hazard added “He looks old, I think he’s old. He is 25 but I don’t know if it is true.”

Who actually thinks Diego Costa couldn’t pass as Eden Hazard’s father?

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