Arsenal manager Unai Emery displayed how many times is very funny after answering the phone of a journalist while he was in a press conference today.

When the Spaniard was midway through his press conference, he saw the phone of a journalist ringing on the table in front of him.

Therefore, the former Paris Saint-Germain boss has then opted to answer the call himself on behalf of a journalist.

“I can answer?” Emery asked the reporters sat before him to answer the phone.

“Hello good morning, I mean good afternoon,” said Emery.

“Hi I am Unai Emery, how are you? We are working.”

The 46-year-old has then continued his press conference speaking about the Gunners’ Premier League clash with Cardiff City.

The 46-year-old said: “We started the [West Ham] match well but then we lost the control for moments in the game.”

“Then we finished the last 20 minutes really well.”

“I am very, very happy firstly with the three points but then also how the team worked to win this match and how we finished the last few minutes.”

“I want to continue that in the next match this Sunday against Cardiff, a different game, but just to continue our momentum.”

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