Fact or fiction, these moments are the top moments that will have you chuckling to yourself and remembering how lucky we are that Mario Balotelli is no longer much of the troublemaker we know.

5. High-flying-Balo

Mario Balotelli carelessly stomped on an opponent’s head (January 2012) as he stumbled backwards and connected his foot with the head of Parker the Spurs midfielder.

4. The old Shirt!

During Italy’s 1-0 defeat to Uruguay, Balotelli started the second half wearing the Azzurri’s old shirt instead of their new kit which was unveiled before the match (November 2011).

3. Why Always Me?


The Italian posed the question that everyone but him knew the answer to after scoring against Manchester United following his fireworks calamity in October 2011. Amongst all the nonsense, it’s easy to forget that when Mario is in the mood, he is one of the most gifted footballers on the planet.

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