The World Cup is the pinnacle of all sporting events for so many reasons, but one of them is surely the unforgettable celebrations it has provoked over the years. There is simply no other celebration like a World Cup celebration. Down are some of the best goal celebrations at this summer’s World Cup easy to match with your favourite players.

5. The Dance

The hugely popular video game, Fortnite, has influenced numerous goal celebrations throughout this World Cup. When Antoine Griezmann cooly slotted home a penalty for the opening goal in France’s knockout game against Argentina, the French superstar immediately threw up an ‘L’ sign to his forehead and began jigging back on forth between his two legs.

4. The Prayer

Mohamed Salah’s outstretched arms celebration has become a regular feature at Anfield and across Europe; however after scoring his 50th goal for club and country last season to give Egypt the lead in the dead rubber clash, he chose to make a quick prayer instead.

3. Keeping The Head Up!

One would day that Messi got lucky on that Tuesday night. Over the course of a rugged and fierce battle in Saint Petersburg, Argentina’s 2-1 victory over Nigeria long looked elusive, sealed eventually by a late volley from midfielder Marcos Rojo, but Messi got his time to celebrate the first goal; a dedication to his Grand mother.

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