Back in 2014, Former England and Tottenham Hotspur midfielder David Bentley revealed he retired from football at the age of 29 because he had fallen out of love with football. Do you think he’s the only player to have had little interest in the game? No, Here’re other famous footballers who don’t really like their job.

8.  Christian Vieri – Italy

The Italian football legend was regarded as one of the finest strikers in Europe during his playing time. His most notable and successful spells were those at Juventus, Atlético Madrid, Lazio and Inter, clubs with which he won several honours. He scored 236 club goals in 476 appearances plus 23 in 49 appearances for his country Italy.  Despite his great achievement in football,  Vieri was far more taken with cricket than football.

“To be honest I wasn’t very good at football. I loved cricket and when I started making some big scores for my boys team, I dreamed of becoming the next Allan Border,” he once said.

7. Bobby Zamora – England

The former  Tottenham Hotspur and West Ham United striker is also another man, who doesn’t like the beautiful game that made him one of the famous people in the world.

“I’m not a massive football fan, really. Quite a lot more players than let on are the same. I don’t watch games on an evening or anything like that. A lot of people find it strange,” he told the Metro.

6. Gabriel Batistuta – Argentina 

Gabriel Batistuta is regarded as one of the best strikers of his generation, He is now the Fiorentina’s all-time top scorer and was Argentina’s all-time leading goalscorer with 54 goals in 77 official matches until Lionel Messi surpassed him.

But despite his glorious career, Batistuta’s autobiography co-writer Alessandro Rialti said in a 1999 interview: “The important thing about Batistuta is that he is not like other players. He is a very good professional who doesn’t really like football.

“Once he leaves the stadium, he doesn’t want football encroaching upon the rest of his life. He is a very sensitive and intelligent man. When we were doing the book, he came to my office and for five full days he spoke about his family and his life in Argentina.

“But when it came to the football and his career, he switched off. ‘The records are there,’ he said, ‘you can look them up’.”

5. Shane Supple – Ireland

In 2009, Former Ipswich Town goalkeeper Shane Supple initially retired from football after requesting the club to cancel his contract. The 22-year-old said on his 47th professional appearance that he had “fallen out of love with the game” and wished to pursue a different career path.

“It’s something I have been thinking about for a long while. It’s obviously a big decision but I feel that playing professional football is not something I want to continue doing as a career. Deep down my heart is not in the game anymore. I have fallen out of love with the game and I’d always said if that happened I wouldn’t hang around.’’ Supple said.

“When I was younger all I wanted to do was play in the Premier League but as you grow up you realise there are other things in life and the game is not what I thought it was. People probably think I’m crazy but I’m not going to stay in the game for anyone else.”

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