Great players cost loads of money to sign but they cost even more every week in terms of salary. As a result they become very rich. Today, we want to focus on the super rich in the Premier League today. These are players who don’t need to worry about their retirement because they have certainly harvested almost enough from their great careers.

The biggest challenge when it comes to net worth data is that it keeps changing every now and then and so we tried our level best to deliver the very latest information. You will note that one City dominates the list and two clubs namely Liverpool and Arsenal might have to scroll further down to see one of their own.

Let us get in the list;

6. John Terry- Chelsea

Estimated Net Worth: $65 million


Chelsea Captain and former England International may not be enjoying the big headlines like before but he is still up there with the best when it comes to the good things in life. He net worth is estimated to be $65 million and we can all expect him to make more money before he hangs his boots.

5. Sergio Aguero- Manchester City

Estimated Net Worth: $70 Million


Manchester City striker Sergio Aguero is a man well paid. He decided to join the Premier League club in 2011 turning away from clubs like Real Madrid, Manchester United, Barcelona and Bayern Munich simply because of £220,000-per-week salary offer at Etihad. Now he is a rich man and he has lifted several titles.