7. Guillaume Hoarau- 30 goals

Fans of France national team might have a reason to be exited because there is a new king coming up in the horizon. BSC Young Boys striker Guillaume Hoarau is not taking any prisoners when it comes to banging the goals inside the net. The French striker has netted 30 times in only 31 appearances in 2016. He might be 32 years but who cares, Zlatan is 35 and Totti is almost 40 but still going strong, sign him up Wenger.

6. Omar Al-Soma- 30 goals


Syria might be in total chaos but football fans in the Middle East country can at least afford a smile because of their own in the name of Omar Al-Soma is shinning at Al Ahli in Saudi Professional League. The forward has scored 30 goals in 25 appearances for his club in 2016 alone, man that is special. Why is Mourinho complaining, the man is right there.

5. Lionel Messi- 31 goals


Barcelona star Lionel Messi is still behind Cristiano Ronaldo when it comes to goals scored in 2016. He lost the Ballon d’Or to the Portuguese on Monday night and today, he will have to settle for a position behind him because of the number of appearances compared to CR7.

He has scored 31 goals in 2016 but he needed 34 matches to do so as compared to Ronaldo 30 matches. Don’t worry Messi, 2017 will be better for you too.

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