October 18, 2018 was probably a normal day for you. This is also the day Neymar broke up with Marquezine for the fourth time in six years. Why is this couple so unstable?

Their relationship began in 2012, Neymar met Bruna during Rio carnival and immediately fell for her; a star of telenovelas and a Brazilian cinema. Everyone loves her and everyone wants to be with her but Neymar acts like a gentleman.

A real charmer; in just few weeks he stands out of the crowd. This is the beginning of their love story but the two celebrities live very intense lives. One plays football in Europe and doesn’t have many holidays, the other lives in Brazil and he is filming nonstop, distance is the main reason for their numerous break ups but what is undisputable is that Neymar and Bruna love each other deep. Every time they see each other they end up into temptation.

‘‘The first time I saw you, I wanted to be in your arms. I love you babe’’ Neymar wrote on Instagram

Wanted to build a serious relationship with Neymar, Bruna considered giving up her career. Brazilian press began to worry. Was Brazil about to lose one of their best actresses? Followed by 34 million people on Instagram, Bruna is a role model to many Brazilian young women but she found herself at the crossroads in her life. Love or Career?

Bruna eventually, decided to stay in Brazil to not sacrifice all the success she worked hard for.  Saddened, Neymar made a difficult decision a few weeks later. This is the point of no return.

‘‘We are no longer together. It was his decision, but we still have a lot of respect for one another’’ Marqezinne wrote on her Instagram

This time, the decision seems fine. Neymar, looks very happy in Paris and seems to be moving on. He has fun with his friends, he spends a lot of time with his son, he is growing as a player, he is becoming better and better on the field.

According to some other reports, the Brazilian international is said to have found another girlfriend.

Was that break up the very last for Neymar and Marquezinne? Is there any hope for them reviving their relationship. Let’s wait and see.