Celebrations have become an integral part of football in recent times. Now it’s like a must to almost every footballer to make a unique celebration whenever they score a goal or their team wins an important match. Many players are more associated with their celebrations than their style of play. Some celebrations are also tried out by fans which make the game all the more interactive. Here are today’s top 5 most famous celebrations by footballers.

5. Paulo Dybala – The Dybala mask

Dybala usually follows up his goal with his trademark celebration which has become very popular amongst his fans. The Dybala mask celebration is also found in many of Dybala’s social-media posts. We’re talking about covering his mouth with his thumb and index finger.

4. Kylian Mbappe – Folding arms

We have all become used to the celebration of folding arms. At first, it was when Mbappe celebrated his goal at Dortmund during his Monaco days with this unique celebration. It was an instant hit amongst football fans as many of them started imitating it. It is certain that this celebration will get more popular as Mbappe is going to score many more goals in his career. Back in the World Cup, even Griezmann tried it out.

3. Antoine Griezmann – Take the L

Antoine Griezmann is popular for his “Take the L” celebration. He has displayed it numerous times in the La Liga and also in the recently concluded World Cup. Some of his national teammates like Pogba and Mbappe have also tried it out, posting it on their social media walls.

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