Pele is considered the greatest footballer of all time. With many records under his name, Pele has got much respect all over the world. But what does his lifestyle look like? All in all, here are the top 5 things you didn’t know about Pele off the pitch.

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5. “Pele” was not his real name

Pele’s parents named him Edison Arantes do Nascimento when he was born after the inventor Thomas Edison. Dondinho, Pele’s father, was considered as a brave warrior footballer. So growing up, Pele’s family nicknamed him “Dico”, which means “Son of a warrior”. The nickname “Pele” came from his classmates at school.

4. His boyhood dream was not about playing football

Pele’s boyhood dream was becoming a pilot, not playing football. But his dream was cut short by an unfortunate incident when a local plane crashed close to his home. It killed everyone onboard including the pilots. Coming from the hospital’s autopsy view, the young Pele chose to cease his dream of flying planes. Switching to his father’s football career was the only choice.

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3. Poverty made him play with a sock stuffed with papers

As a boy, Pele used to play with a sock stuffed with paper as he could not afford to buy a football. During school breaks, Pele could play football with mangoes at some points. But it didn’t take too long before the Brazilian notice he had been blessed with the supernatural talent for the game.

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