2. He once slept with three transvestites prostitutes in his hotel room

Whenever he was on a time off due to injury, Ronaldo had to do something to occupy his time. His lustful appetite got the better of him in 2008 when he took three girls back to his hotel room.

Perhaps not able to believe his luck, he must not have been paying attention, because it was not until he had begun getting intimate with them that he discovered they were, in fact, all transvestites. “This will stain me forever,” said a weeping Ronaldo as he confessed.

1. LOVE RAT: Ronaldo Nazario is known as a playboy

An end of one relationship means a beginning of another to Ronaldo. The striker’s first love was a Brazilian actress and model, Susana Werner, in 1997. Two years later, the couple broke up.

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Since then, the Brazilian legend has faced marriages and divorces for multiple occasions Three or more). But a scandal happened in 2008 when he got himself three transvestites prostitutes from a nightclub.

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