Ronaldo Luis Nazario remains undoubtedly the best striker in the football history. With the ball at his feet, not many players could replicate the fear that the Brazilian generated in defenders when he surged with speed at them. Here are the top 4 craziest things you didn’t know about Ronaldo Luis Nazario

4. He played with the name ‘Ronaldinho’ till 1997 for Brazil

Ronaldo was an unused 17-year-old substitute when he was included in the Brazil squad that won the 1994 World Cup. The Samba boys already had a senior Ronaldo in the team before the youngster arrived in the first team squad. During the 1996 Olympics, Ronaldo played with the name ‘Ronaldinho’ on the back of his shirt as Brazil won the bronze medal.

Ronaldo Rodrigues de Jesus or Ronaldao (which translates to Big Ronaldo in Portuguese) was the senior member of the squad, hence the 17-year-old came to limelight as Ronaldinho (translating to Little Ronaldo).

3. The crown of the most iconic World Cup haircut of All-Time

In 2002, Ronaldo scored 8 goals to help his country lift the World Cup. The legendary striker had failed to deliver glory in 1998 in France but four years later in Korea and Japan, even Oliver Khan could not stop him. The forward will be remembered for many things but his iconic haircut will live forever in the history books. It was unique and arrogant. The hairstyle and his football made him look unbeatable.

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