3. Tough start

Being Mo Salah was not always the speedy experience you would expect. Back in the day, he had to traverse the eight-hour round journey from his hometown to Cairo on 10 different buses in total; five days a week for four years. That’s commitment.

2. Makka

Mohamed Salah is a devout Muslim and always bows down to the Almighty after scoring a goal. Indeed, his religiousness can be found out in fact that he has named his daughter Makka, after the Holy site of Mecca in Saudi Arabia.

Here’s an interesting story attached to the name: Magi came up with the name and Salah liked it instantly and spelt it as Mecca. However, he soon changed it to Makka so that it could be distinguishable from the worldwide gambling casino, “Mecca Bingo;” since gambling is prohibited in Islam.

1. He has a heart of Gold

Salah has taken it upon himself to alleviate poverty in his hometown, Nagrig in Gharbia. His charity includes building a school for millions of pounds, providing gear and an ambulance to the local hospital and setting up various children charities across Nagrig.

The Story of Salah and the thief gets it ever better. A thief burgled Salah’s family home while he was playing in Alexandria. When the police caught the culprit a couple of days later, Salah’s father issued charges against him.

But upon learning that, the footballer convinced his father to drop the charges. He met with thief and gave him money in bid to help him sort out his life and he even tried to find him a job. The mo’ you hear about it, the Mo’ you love him.

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