Fourty+ odd goals in less than a full season have made the former Roma man “The Egyptian King” and this campaign’s PFA Player of the Year. When he was coming up through the ranks, many labelled him as the Egyptian Messi! He is not: Lionel Messi is the Argentine Mohamed Salah.

With so much limelight on this magician, here are 5 things you probably didn’t know about The Pharaoh of Anfield.

7. He is a fan of Muhammad Ali

The footballer is a fan of the late Muhammad Ali. They even tend to have the same background. Salah has jumped back on his feet in a typical Ali style following his unsuccessful Chelsea spell. It’s 43 goals now for the Reds this season.

6. The controversy

A controversy incident came when a lady presenter kissed the former Roma man on his cheeks after being awarded the Swiss League Player of the Year; he was heavily criticized for it back home in Egypt.

Of the incident, Salah said: “They have spoiled my joy. They forgot the prize and concentrated on the lady kissing me. Anywhere I go here in Switzerland, people applaud me while my native fans criticize me,” he added.

5. He fell out with fans but won them back

Salah felt the wrath of the Liverpool faithful when he sent former Chelsea teammate Demba Ba his good wishes on Twitter. The outrage might have had something to do with him posting a shot of Ba celebrating the goal after the infamous Steven Gerrard slip that cost the Reds the title in 2014.

To get back into their graces, Salah reverted to scoring a ton of goals. And it has worked.

4. Military man

In 2014, Salah’s future in football came into question when the educational programme that allowed him to stay abroad was rescinded. This meant he had to return to Egypt to serve in the army for over a year.

However, the country’s national team director, Ahmed Hassan, intervened and got the issue fixed, helping Salah to once again be enlisted in the education program and relieving him of his military obligations. And we can’t thank Ahmed Hassan enough for that!

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