One of the behind the formation of the English Premier League in 1992 was the financial stagnation of the league. English clubs decided to part ways from the English Football League to take advantage of the lucrative television deals. This increased the revenues generated by the sport. And as a new season of the English Premier League has started, let us take a look at the five highest-paid Premier League players today.

5. Romelu Lukaku (Man United) -£250,000

After banging in 20-plus goals for Everton in three successive seasons, Romelu Lukaku made the most of his market value by signing up to a £250,000 weekly deal when completing his £75 million transfer to Manchester United last summer.

4. Kevin de Bruyne (Man City) -£280,000

De Bruyne’s deal commits him to the Etihad Stadium until June 2023 and worths £280,000 a week with bonuses and image rights, although that figure could rise to £18 million annually if City sweeps the board this term.

3. Paul Pogba (Man United) -£290,000

Pogba, who earned a basic wage of £165,000 in his first campaign back at United, saw that rise to £200,000 after winning the Europa League. He is now on £230,000; with additional commercial rights revenue, the central midfielder is now on in the region of £290,000. That is without factoring in a loyalty bonus of just under £3.5m.

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